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Interested in learning a little about me?

Experience Matters

Hi, my name is Mandy. I am rooted in my faith in Christ, a wife, mother, and lover of the outdoors. I am a Health Coach, certified trainer through NASM, and Macro nutrition coach. Health and fitness have always been my passion. Growing up dancing and playing tennis, health and fitness played a major role in my life. 


It was not until I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 that i realized how important health and fitness are. I continued to train and eat well during chemotherapy and radiation, but at the end of the day the treatments wore me out. The aftermath of the radiation caused me to go into menopause at 37 years old. I continued to work out and eat well, but the weight was creeping up on the scales and the clothes were fitting a bit tighter. 


I went to my annual appointment and discussed my concerns. It was relayed to me that the extra 10-20 lbs was normal being 40 and menopausal. It was then that I pursued a trainer to help me with the nutrition side of fitness as well as the personal training. I lost 10 pounds in the first year and felt more confident and felt better than I had in a while. I also went from getting hormone injections every 6-8 weeks to 16-20 weeks.  I hired a coach to not only attain a better figure, but I wanted a lifestyle I could commit to and continue to be the best version of me. 


Our passion is helping you wherever you are in your lifestyle journey. We can help you reach your goals with a tailor-made program through flexible eating and training. My goal is to help you understand the basics of nutrition so that you can not only distinguish fact from fad, but so that you are able to set goals you can actually achieve and create progress that you can maintain. For me working out and eating nutritiously is about being as healthy as I can in order to live a life full of as many adventures as possible, and coaching is about helping my clients do the same.

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